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Eyelash extensions are a great way to have thicker, longer and naturally fuller lashes. Your natural lashes are made this way through a professional application of an individual eyelash extension directly attached to the natural eyelash with medical grade adhesive.

Full Set 


2 Week Fill In



How Long Do They Last?

Depending on your natural growth cycle and aftercare, a fill is required every 2-3 weeks. For best results we recommend 2 week fills.

Do I Use Mascara?

No need for mascara or enhancements like curlers ever again! If you feel the desire to wear mascara we carry an option that is safe to use at the salon.

Will They Damage My Natural Lashes?

A professional treatment of individual natural lash extensions will NOT damage your natural lashes. Each lash extension is bonded individually to each natural lash allowing it to grow at its own pace. Other lash treatments like strip lashes cause damage overtime because they are bonded at the base of the lash line blocking your lashes from natural growth.

What If I Have Lashes From Another Salon?

We prefer to remove work from another salon and start fresh with our products to ensure we give you our best work.

We currently are not accepting new lash clients

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